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Inner Loop Capital Updates – June 2024

Inner Loop Capital is a pre-seed and seed venture capital fund investing at the frontier of Infrastructure Software and AI. Inner Loop’s thesis is that the $600B+ Infrastructure Software sector (Cybersecurity, Cloud Tech, and Data Science) is being simultaneously accelerated and disrupted by AI. This collision creates our two-part investment opportunity: AI for Infra and Infra for AI. Inner Loop is based in Baltimore, and the current portfolio spans from San Francisco to Israel. Inner Loop is currently investing out of a $30m-target Fund II. Inner Loop Capital is a solo-VC firm managed by Justin Label.

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Firm and Community Updates

Welcome to the June updates on Inner Loop Capital and our portfolio. We are pleased to share these short but sweet summer updates with our whole community.

Portfolio and Industry News

Portfolio News

MLtwist recently hosted a webinar with Sandia National Labs, Google, and Carahsoft on “How to Navigate AI Data Pipelines Complexity”. Gartner reports only 4% of companies have AI-ready data.

Sandia shared their experience overcoming this challenge while developing AI for the TSA by using MLtwist. The webinar discussed rapid deployment of AI data pipelines, the importance of data quality, and collaborations with vendors to support Federal missions. The recording of the webinar is available here.

GreyNoise Intelligence was featured at the New York Stock Exchange for winning the Rising in Cyber award – a list recognizing 30 rising stars in cybersecurity selected by 100+ security leaders. Congratulations GreyNoise!

Vishal Kamdar, VP Operations and Finance, represented GreyNoise at the NYSE.

Congrats to Sublime Security on being recognized on Redpoint’s 2024 InfraRed 100 list, featuring the most impactful and fastest-growing private infrastructure companies.

Sublime’s novel email security solution was recognized as one of just 30 companies in the Early Stage category. A few weeks after GreyNoise was honored at the NYSE, Sublime was featured on the Nasdaq electronic billboard in Times Square! The complete list of InfraRed companies is here.

Redpoint’s InfraRed report also provides a high-fidelity review and bull case of the same sectors that Inner Loop focuses on. RedPoint defines Cloud Infrastructure as AI, DevOps, Data, and Security. Inner Loop defines our investment approach as the frontier where our long-standing focus on Cybersecurity, Cloud Tech, and Data Science meet the AI Platform Shift. Reading Redpoint’s report closely is a great way to get an overview and annual update on Inner Loop’s investment space.

AppOmni has announced that their integration with Cisco’s Secure Access environment is live and available to customers.

This may prove to be a seminal moment in modern security, integrating Cloud and SaaS Security and extending the key concepts of Zero Trust Security Management to SaaS environments. Congratulations to AppOmni founders Brendan O’Connor (also an Inner Loop Strategic Limited Partner) and Brian Soby, and also to Inner Loop Capital friend Matt Caulfield on the Cisco side.

DNSFilter Founder and CEO, Ken Carnesi, offers a thoughtful article in Forbes on how institutions should think about balancing internet access and the safety and security of its web users.

Leen Security has launched “Inside Security” — a new bi-monthly blog series diving into cybersecurity leadership and industry trends

The Leen team will be building this into a must-read series for insights on building, scaling, and leading effective security teams.

Ad Interim Addendum – Updates on the AI Platform Shift

Our friends at Bessemer Venture Partners publicly launched a new roadmap in June in AI Infrastructure. As expected, their write-up is thoughtful and content-rich. Many of these themes resonate with the opportunities Inner Loop has been focused on lately, which we termed Infrastructure 5.0. Inner Loop has recently made multiple investments in AI/ML Ops (including in MLtwist, referenced above) which we will be excited to share more about over time.

Whether great minds think alike or not, it’s terrific to have a global firm of Bessemer’s renown as a fellow traveler in what I believe is an investment roadmap that will carry early-stage investors for a decade or longer.

Archives and Please Be In Touch

Archives for both the Firm and Fund Updates (twice per quarter) and Ad Interim: Provisional Thoughts on AI (once per quarter) are available from the Inner Loop Capital website. Please visit to get caught up.

Now that you are up-to-date on all Inner Loop activities, please reach out any time. I welcome:

  • Discussions about any of the companies, technology sectors, or investment themes above
  • Introductions to founders or future founders in Digital Infrastructure, including Cybersecurity, Cloud Tech, DevOps, DevTools, Data Science, and AI
  • Connections to potential co-investors or collaborators in these sectors
  • And drop-ins to Baltimore (or the greater Washington D.C., area) any time

Do not hesitate to reach out if you see something or have ideas on ways we can collaborate more closely.

Justin Label
Managing Director
Inner Loop Capital

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