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Firm and Portfolio Updates March 2024

Inner Loop Capital's March 2024 update reflects on the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, honoring essential workers. The newsletter announces the public launch of portfolio company Leen and highlights partnerships and milestones achieved by other portfolio companies. It discusses insights on the AI Platform Shift, including NVIDIA's increased venture activity and the venture landscape's stabilization. Justin Label emphasizes discussions on technology sectors and themes.
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Firm and Portfolio Updates February 2024

Inner Loop Capital's February 2024 update reflects a shift in focus toward the intersection of Digital Infrastructure and AI, with a refreshed messaging aligning with evolving investments. Highlights include portfolio achievements, such as GreyNoise's new CEO Ash Devata, AppOmni's AI-related risks exploration, and DNSFilter's recognition. The update also features insights into the industry's direction, emphasizing AI's role in Digital Infrastructure innovation. Justin Label encourages discussions with founders and collaborators in the Digital Infrastructure and AI space. The newsletter concludes with an overview of relevant industry articles and Nvidia's significant role in the evolving datacenter landscape.
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Firm and Portfolio Updates November 2023

This newsletter covers recent firm activities, including a field trip, Cyber Security Hall of Fame inductions, and portfolio and industry news, showcasing achievements and collaborations. The newsletter concludes with exciting news from partners, highlighting initiatives in life sciences and public equity investment.
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Ad Interim: Provisional Thoughts on AI, Issue #1

Inner Loop Capital introduces "Ad Interim," a newsletter series focusing on AI. It highlights strategic investments in AI startups, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI across sectors. The newsletter signals Inner Loop's commitment to understanding AI's impact, anticipating a platform shift, and integrating AI technologies into the firm's investment approach. Managing Director Justin Label envisions a future where AI shapes the technology landscape, pledging to play a key role in this transformative phase.
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