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Inner Loop Capital is a Pre-Seed and Seed Venture Capital Firm Investing in Digital Infrastructure Technologies

Inner Loop focuses primarily on Digital Infrastructure Technologies such as Cybersecurity, Data Science, and Cloud Tech

Inner Loop Capital Invests on Four Basic Principles:


We aim to center founders in all of our work. We want to ensure that all aspects of working with Inner Loop — from our first conversation through diligence, deal terms, advice, and governance — are optimally structured to enable founders to achieve their goalsbuild great teams and companies, and create enduring value.


Inner Loop invests primarily in Digital Infrastructure Technologies. A key aspect of our commitment to founders is to know something about a company’s market before our first meeting. Inner Loop brings over 20 years’ experience investing in Cybersecurity and has also been active for many years in Data Science, and Cloud and DevOps technologies, which share many similar attributes with Cybersecurity investing. Inner Loop is also comfortable making quick decisions in certain segments of Fintech and Enterprise Saas Applications.

Go-To-Market Innovations

Hacking isn’t just for your code. Founders must bring that same scrappy attitude to their go-to-market plans. Cloud tech, APIs, and the business empowerment of tech users have laid the groundwork for an explosion of capital-efficient go-to market strategies in recent years. Nearly every Inner Loop company deploys one or more of: Developer-First, MSP-Focused, Open Source, Open API, Freemium, or Cheapium deployment and business models. Knowing the founders’ hypotheses on GTM is as important to us as understanding their product.

Power Law Potential

We stay focused on Power Law Investing. Venture Capital is not appropriate for most founders or companies. VC should only be deployed in large and rapidly-changing markets where a start-up might go from idea to market dominance in less than a decade. Inner Loop seeks founders who see this potential in their companies and are committed to seizing it.

Justin Label is the Managing Director of Inner Loop Capital.

Justin has been working in venture capital since 1999. From 2001 to 2011, Justin was an investor at Bessemer Venture Partners in Silicon Valley, with a focus on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Software.

In 2014, Justin moved with his family to Baltimore, Maryland and began making angel investments as “Inner Loop Capital”, primarily in Cybersecurity.

Inner Loop Capital has been managing investments on behalf of Limited Partners in a series of funds since 2019.

Justin is inspired by entrepreneurs and honored to partner with them at the seed stage, for a journey that might easily last a decade or longer.

Justin lives north of Baltimore with his wife and three children.


Inner Loop’s anchor Limited Partners are an important part of our extended team.

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Strategic LPs are investors in Inner Loop Capital who are committed to helping the firm source, evaluate, win, and manage new investments.

They are also available as formal or informal advisors to our founders on a double opt-in basis.

Inner Loop Capital Portfolio

Inner Loop Capital Fund II (2022 – Present)

Inner Loop Capital Fund (2020 – 2022)

Inner Loop Capital SYNDICATE Fund (2019 – 2020)

Select Personal Investments (2015-2018)


Inner Loop Capital
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